H4 believes that if you're walking down the right path and you're willing to keep walking, eventually you'll make progress.


H4 has extensive skills in emerging technology, innovation analysis, operational requirements, systems engineering, and advanced manufacturing.

Emerging Technologies

H4 and Fayetteville State University's Center of Defense and Homeland Security provides Cyber Training to veteran and non-military students using continuing education platforms.

Higher Education
H4 Enterprises' Situational Awareness for Protection and Escape Seminars (SAFEC) are specifically crafted by instructors with former Special Forces and Law Enforcement members with a diverse understanding of hostile environments and risk management.
Safety Training
H4 Enterprises develops tools to help solve crimes, support law enforcement organizations, and promote safety in communities around the world.
Community Safety
H4 Enterprises works with Quick Proto-Solutions to maintain a multi-purpose makerspace capable of product development, design validation, and rapid manufacturing.
Design and Manufacturing