With a full range of responsive, effective and reliable planning, procurement and supply chain management services, H4 is a leader in field of global logistical support. We have the capability to move people, products and vital supplies from one side of the globe to the other through a variety of effective delivery methods. At air-and seaports around the world, H4 provides management of complex manifesting as well as loading, unloading and distribution of equipment and material.

We use state-of-the-art tracking and scheduling tools to ensure products and services get where they need to be at the right time and in the right quantity. We transport everything from mail to essentials such as food and water, beds and laundry facilities. As the industry evolves, we see opportunities for organizations to substantially reduce costs by centralizing or outsourcing various procurement processes. From day-to-day materials and long-term assets to complex services, such as freight forwarding and huge modular construction projects, we deliver. Our procurement programs can assist with establishing and enhancing client operations, with a track record of delivering high performance, low risk processes, and first-class customer service. H4 provides efficient, economic, and on time transportation services to difficult locations around the globe. We utilize innovative resources and technology to produce the appropriate solutions allowing us to be proactive, avoid delays, and achieve the utmost in constructor and end-customer satisfaction.

Global Operations and Logistics have a history of providing contingency support during emergency situations, supplying Life Support Services like water, ice and temporary power. Our Web-based satellite tracking system allows customers to follow their deliveries from decentralized locations in real-time to ensure we are meeting their needs. Our global infrastructure and vast procurement network give us the ability to react immediately, with a coordinated approach to complex logistical issues. At H4, our employees are dedicated to serving our customers, and keeping their facilities and equipment running despite the conditions.

Our capabilities include:

  • Power Operations & Maintenance
  • Construction & Engineeringlogistics1
  • Air Traffic Management
  • Supply Logistical Operations
  • Life Support
  • Facility Management
  • Disaster Relief
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Medical Facilities
  • Modular Configurations


H4’s heritage is rooted in logistics, procurement and supply-chain management for federal and military customers. We have experience routing materials throughout hostile environments, and reacting immediately to meet urgent needs for emergency situations like natural disasters. Our procurement and distribution network make us an ideal partner to provide a flexible response to meet our customers’ changing mission requirements.

Our capabilities include:

  • Procurement
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Line Haul
  • Heavy Trucking
  • Ground-Fleet Maintenance
  •  100% Equipment Accountability

H4 maintains more than 100 skilled leaders across the globe with specialized backgrounds that make them the ideal choice for their site. Our enterprise invests in Program Management and leadership training that prepares our Program Managers for challenges in demanding environments and equips them with the skills needed to manage complex organizations that integrate subcontracted employees.

  • Our Web-based Business Operating System is the network that enables our leadership to provide centralized control with a decentralized execution of mission requirements. Enabling us to share information and lessons learned across our enterprise in real time, this toolbox is a mature system of data – standardizing the routine processes of multiple and diverse efforts, regardless of location. It defines the way we do business and facilitates our ability to execute diverse work in multiple remote locations, manage risk, control costs, manage performance, track milestones and manage workforce health and safety.